Shirdi Sai Prayers From Anonymous Sai Devotee from India:

You may call me yellowish.
Om Sairam to everyone. Hey Sai I’m trying to reach You from every possible way. Baba I know You are listening to me. I need You the most Babaji. My heart is almost shattered Sai. Sai Babaji I prayed You. It’s been a lot years Babaji. Now the situation is my parents are forcing me to marry another man. Sai I love You. I trust You Sai. I love my dadaddy. I can’t see him sad but I can’t marry another man also. Baba may be another boy is good but my heart always beats for my Amit Chauhan. Sai You know what has happened between our families. Sai we got separated. Hey Sai but this is just an illusion. Hey Sai I always believed Your signs. 

Sai You know everything. Hey Babaji if You will say me to marry I’ll; although I don’t want to. I want to build up my career Sai. I want to marry Amit. Sai every wish, every dream is seeming to break down. Sai I’ll never be able to trust Sai. I have denied many times but no one is listening me. Hey Sai, please Sai make their mind as I want. Sai please bring back my Amit and help him to convince everyone for our marriage Baba. Please bless us with happiest marriage with each other. Hey Sai, I’m getting bitter day by day. Sai I am killing myself.
Hey Sai please understand my dadaddy’s worries, my worries and my wishes Sai. 
Sai I can’t marry another man. Sai that’s why please show me Your miracle. Hey Sai, only You can do Baba. I’ll do Your 9 fasts Baba. You always help everyone Sai. I need You Sai a lot. Hey Sai please just think about Your diary. Hey Sai, just think about my wait Baba and my trust Baba. Please come Baba. Please come Baba. Please Sai. Om Sairam! I’m not giving up on You Sai. You also please don’t give up on me. Hey Sai, please Baba. Om Sairam! I need You mere Sai. Sai Baba I need You the most, if not now then never.

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