Shirdi Sai Prayers From Anonymous Sai Devotee from USA:

I have been a devotee of Baba for many years. I don’t think Baba is there to listen to me anymore.
Baba, why did You do this? Why did You not help? I have failed in raising my children correctly as they are always fighting with each other. Just now they had a big fight and everything in the house has turned upside down. Today is Christmas Baba and I prayed to You to have at least one day of peace and You could not do that. I cannot control them anymore Baba. They are old enough that they don’t need me and will not listen to me. 

What do You want me to do? How can two human beings born from the same mother hate each other and say nasty things? What is going to happen now? Baba, they are in their separate rooms and my husband also went to one room and closed the door. Is this how one should spend Christmas? Why are You doing this Baba? If my kids are going through problems, please give their problems to me, I will bear any problem, but please let them not fight. Please let them patch up for the next few days when my son is home. He has come home for 3 weeks after one year and every day the last 2 weeks have been horrible with fights and yelling. 
One more week left Baba and I know after this my son will never come home. Baba, I am tired of asking You to help. You have not heard my prayers. I am not asking for wealth or even my health, just that there be peace in the house and that they don’t fight. Can You not do that much Baba? Help Baba, Help. Kill me if You need to but please let them not fight anymore. Help, help, help Baba!

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