Shirdi Sai Prayers From Anonymous Sai Devotee from India:

I need You Sai. Please help me Babaji.
You may call me yellowish.
Om Sairam to everyone. please pray for me. I’m a small devotee of Saiji. Sai thank You so much that You opened this link for me just after my prayer Sai. Babaji You know my heart. I’m fed up. Babaji my heart is crying. I get bad visions Baba of my marriage and his marriage to another one else. Sai I’m sad and broken. 

Babaji it’s been more than 2 years. Saiji Your signs are my life line. He tried to contact me but didn’t message. Sai I know and You also know jats are the obstacles. His family, my family, his actions, my action a lot mess up have been occurred. Sai he loves me and I love him. Please make him understand about our connection and give him guts to make everyone agree. Baba, please make his mother agree otherwise my family or I have to marry someone else. Sai please I’m fed up by asking again and again. I am sorry but I don’t want to ask every time. Babaji please make a way. Do it soon please. Help me, help him Babaji. Please help us to get married to each other Sai and make it a successful, happiest marriage Babaji. I can’t see my daddy sad Sai. It’s better take my life Sai. My parents want to see me as bride Babaji. Please bring back my Amit and bless us with a happy forever marriage Sai. Saiji give peace to my daddy’s heart because he’s sad. Saiji my career is struck. I need a job Saiji. Please help me to get a job in MNC account, respectful one, with good salary and timing and a secured job. Saiji I shall be thankful to You for this.

Hey Sai I’ll come to Shirdi, will do Sai Satcharitra path and 9 Guruvar fast. Will share Your experiences Babaji. Please fulfil my wishes Saiji. Make my parents proud of me Sai. Please Saiji You know Kavi my best friend. Sai she trusts You so much but she’s facing a lot of issues in her married life. Babaji please help her and bring her trust back in You. She’s not talking to me Baba.

Saiji I don’t have any experience in accounts field please help me to crack the test and interview. Om Sairam.

Please say Amit to message me and to sort out the things and take further steps for our marriage so that as I also want to be sure that You will bless us with our marriage Baba. I am confused; don’t know what’s happening Baba. infact everyone taunting me. Sai I left tea for You but please fulfil my wishes. Om Sairam. Babaji please forgive me for my every bad sign Sai. Please Sai Samarth!

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