Shirdi Sai Prayers From Sai Devotee Dimple from India:

I have completed my B.Sc. in microbiology.
I had appeared for B.Sc.microbiology in year 2007 and could clear only in Oct 2008. A white collar gangster is after me. He keeps on harassing me. He even bribed professor to fail me but I fought and got my real marks in S.Y.B.Sc. He is a real tormentor. He even flung acid on me many times but I escaped by Baba’s grace. He even accident me with his car because of which I limp while walking and there is pain in my bones. Whenever I go his people follow me and they threaten the owner that if they don’t remove me from job then they would destroy them. Like this I have been terminated from 16 jobs till date and the CMD himself says that he is very powerful and if I don’t terminate you then he will destroy my business. He earns a lot of money. His family income is nearly 100 crores in a day. All government and bureaucrats work according to him. He has murdered a hair dresser who spa my hair (the saloon owner told me). He cut the hand of aged man whom I shook hand with. He says he has my original B.Sc. result in which I have passed with good percentage in first attempt but he would not give me as I planned to do my master of science. I asked him why he was doing this to me. He doesn’t give proper reply. Only after 17 years now I know who is he. He says I gave him bad words for his family so he wants to teach me a lesson. Its going on from year 2002 when I was only 15 years old. I asked for forgiveness. I even told that I will rub my nose in front of everybody on your parent’s feet. He is in no mood to forgive or forget. I even told him that you would have done something and that is why I gave bad words. I vaguely remember he told me to come with him for a drive and forced me inside his car. So I gave bad words to escape. Even that had no influence on him so I told him “son of a whore” just leave me, in Hindi though I am not sure but as a teenager I was too scared. It was a lonely street in morning with no one around. He wanted me to take to a place where just weeks before a raped had happened to a 12 Standard girl. How could I risk myself to a stranger? He says he will marry me and then after sometime “Makhi ke jaise utha ke fek dunga (throw you like a fly).” I am 35 years now. For 19 years I suffered mentally, physically, emotionally and sexually ( he had used dating drug on me and when I woke up I was lying on dining table with my leggings front portion on back and back on front side ); in office when I got up no one was in office. They gave vague reply like we were on field, he was in toilet etc. etc. I ask from forgiveness from Sai Baba for my wrong doings on my part and please change and cleanse this man’s and his family’s heart, mind and body to forgive me and let me live my life in peace. Baba as told to You I want to pursue master of science. I know there is a 14 years gap as I appeared for 2007 but Baba You only told me to do M.Sc. please help me to get admission in a good college and in the best subject, I will do Master of Science. Also please provide me a permanent job in a government sector so that I can work peacefully and no one can remove me from the job. This man even got my pantry guy to collect toilet water, faecal water and make tea from that and serve me. He also told him to to pee direct in my in water whenever I drink water and then serve me urine water. There is a lot that I have suffered. This is only tits bits. I have eaten poop and urine in food and water but please God be kind to me and release me from this tormentors. What the world has lived in corona – no going out of four walls of the house and with restrictive movements I have been living it since 2004 please if you devotees can pray for me I shall be thankful. Regards, Baba devotee Dimple

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