Shirdi Sai Prayers From Anonymous Sai Devotee from India:

I’m from Chennai and thank you Hetalji and team for enabling devotees’ prayers to reach Shirdi. 

Prayer 1: The current pandemic situation has disrupted our lives like never before. Few lost their loved ones, some lost jobs and their livelihood, kids’ education got interrupted etc. People struggled a lot, the last one year. Please make the world free from COVID and restore normal life. Nothing is impossible for You. You are the Master and Controller of all elements. Forgive our mistakes and make the world healthy and happy again.

Prayer 2. My son performed badly last semester and his grades were not good. He did not get any internship till now. Because of online exams, there were malpractices followed, so performance of students was not based on knowledge which affected my son’s grades. Please bless him with confidence, knowledge, humility and internship in his field of interest.

Prayer 3: Please bless my parents with good health and resolve all the issues that they have and keep them happy.

Prayer 4: Bless me with a good job and make me Independent and strong. Keep showering Your blessings on my family and the whole world.

Thank You Baba for everything.

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