Shirdi Sai Prayers From Anonymous Sai Devotee from India: Hi I request humbly to all the Sai devotees to pray for me for my happy married life.
My marriage is getting delayed since many years even after praying Baba and doing all the poojas. I have visited n number of temples for marriage purpose and done all the required dosha poojas as well. Every single day since 6 years I am worried about my marriage as it is getting delayed. 

Every night I look at Baba picture and cry with pain and pray Him for marriage. I really don’t know even after doing all the required things why my marriage is getting delayed. At times I have scolded Baba also for the delay.

Seriously even though it is not a big problem, I am worried a lot and feeling very low these days as all my colleagues and younger ones are getting married but not me. My parents have spent on poojas for my marriage. Even after doing all these things if Baba is not answering my prayers means where I should go? Nowadays I feel like does Baba really exists? Is that all true. Why God is punishing me like this? Why He is not listening to my prayers. Hetalji please tell Baba to fulfil my wish. Please I request. Baba, I am not getting what You do. I am totally lost.

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