Shirdi Sai Prayers From Anonymous Sai Devotee from India:

I am a Sai devotee since the day I was sensible and at present going through a very rough phase.
I am believer of Sai Baba since childhood as my parents are staunch believers of Sai Baba. I am 27 years old and till date whatever has happened in my life it is because of Sai Baba only. Though initially it felt that I am getting punishment for my bad karma but it was in the end that I could find that it happened for good in my life and till date I have no complains for whatever happened in my life and whenever I needed help Sai Baba was always there with me to guide me.

But since last one year due to my studies as I am doing masters in surgery I drifted away from Sainath, though mentally sometimes on and off I used to pray but the daily prayer which I used to do at home had stopped. That was the time when I fell in love with a guy who is also studying surgery with me. Days passed by and I told my parents about it. Initially they were happy but when they came to know that he belongs to SC caste and I belong to open caste they refused for the relation. So I prayed Baba that whatever is good for me please let that happen and whenever I prayed in front of Baba I never got single hint that he is bad for me. Even my parents told that he is very good and best partner for me but because of the caste issue they were refusing.

Days passed and then months and then while going to Shirdi one day on the way I confessed that I want to marry this guy only, no matter what. After little struggle, my parents agreed and they are okay with it then.
But my mental state got withered because of the thought that I know and everybody knows that he is capable of doing much better things but still because of his caste issue he is not getting what he deserves and also I don’t want my parents to face society who will blame them for getting me married there. My parents agreed but they are not happy. Though my relation with my parents improved and is normal like before but somewhere I know I have hurt them and for the first time in life I did this and I feel very bad about it as I cannot do anything about his caste. I cannot leave him as for me he is prasad of Sai Baba and he is also a believer of Sai Baba. But I don’t want my parents to suffer because of my deeds and also don’t want him to suffer because of his caste as he has already suffered a lot.

My only wish is to get married to him with happiness of my parents and that too the society should understand that whatever I am doing is correct and don’t blame my parents rather support them. I also don’t want him to suffer anymore because of his caste and want that people should recognize him for his efforts and hard work and not because of his caste.

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Pooja Garg
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  1. May Baba Sai bless you and grant your wishes.
    Do not bother about society when you are not doing anything wrong.Society does not support anyone when times are bad.

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