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Shirdi Sai Prayers From Anonymous Sai Devotee from New Zealand:

This platform has been a blessing of Sai. I am happy to share my experiences on this website. 

Coming to the experience, my husband’s friend has collapsed this year at his workplace and was taken to hospital where he was declared that he has a brain clot and that a surgery was needed and that there might be some side effects after the surgery.

We were in shock and couldn’t understand what exactly happened. He is a very jovial, healthy person and how could something happen to him like that? But by Sai’s blessings he is doing good at the moment but he keeps forgetting things. 

 Sai, please be by his side and make him recover completely. You know his family. Sai I really feel so sad when I think of him. May be You are clearing his karmas in this kaliyug. Sai the only medicine is Your Udi which I asked his wife to apply daily and to give some Udi mixed with water.

Sai give their family strength to face this difficult phase of life. 

Sai You know everything. I have complete trust and faith in You that You make impossible things possible and I have complete trust in You that You will make our friend recover completely and make him normal as before.

Om Sai Ram!
Om Sai Rakshaka Sharanam!
Om Sai Arogyakshemadhaya Namaha!

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