Shirdi Sai Prayers From Anonymous Sai Devotee from India:
Om Sairam. I am a girl from Delhi.
Please keep my personal details confidential.

I am a recent devotee of Baba. I have read about many miracles. I want everyone reading my post to pray for me to Baba. I have full faith and patience. I love a boy and want to marry him. Also my age of marriage has already gone due to his career issues as he is not able to settle down. I am in very much pain and depression. Baba please hear me and help me. I want to marry him only or else You can kill me. I don’t want anyone. I want to visit Shirdi but because of the ongoing situation I am not able to visit. I will surely visit with the person I love, if I get married with him. Please people pray for me.

Om Sairam!

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  1. Keep chanting On Sai Ram and OmSai Rakshak Sharanam Deva.May your friend get a good kid and your prayers answered by our merciful Baba Sai.Best wishws

  2. Baba this message i send to you since I have no one to listen to my pain and worries. Baba always be with me, guide me, correct me. I am all yours. I don't want to do anything wrong which will depart me from you. You have changed my life, my thinking. I confess today I have done lot of mistakes. Forgive me O Baba. I want to chant and sing all about you. My life is just you and only you. Waiting for all your miracle in my life. I will not demand nor ask. You know what is right for me, and what I want. But give me all with your blessings only. Love you Baba. Will always be yours Baba. You are my lovely Baba. You are everything to me Baba. Save this world Baba. Bless all of us Baba. My Baba my Love……no words

  3. Baba, please help me.i am trying for kids from past 7 years, have undergone 6 iui cycles and 3 ivfs. Today is my Embryo Transfer, but unfortunately  I am tested covid positive and my treatment got canceled. From last 3 months, I am on continuous injections, medicines and scans and today when I was about to undergo procedure, I got covid. This is my second time being tested positive for covid even after double vaccination.
    I  am unable to understand  where am I going wrong . I have never ever harmed a person or any animal in my life, I always lend a helping hand to poor and needy. My husband out of rage and anger had sent me to my mom’s place in 2020 as I am unable to give kids…after 8 months he has again taken me back home.
    I have compromised to live with him baba, because  my parents and family cannot have me at home as they feel shameful of me being sitting at home after wedding.  Also my husband told that he would change . I had trust only on u and I have come to my in laws place. 

    I always keep things to myself baba… I will never hurt anyone in the family with my words and actions. But no one understands me. So I only depend on you for anything. I just don’t want to live anymore baba…pls bless me with moksha. I feel I am bad curse for my parents, siblings and my in laws. No one has any use because of me. I am just a waste baggage to them.

    I am just showcasing to everyone that I am strong enough and can handle things, but I am fully broken from inside  baba.  I always looked for love and happiness but that’s not what I got baba..

    Pls baba take me away, pls

    I am praying to you since my childhood…1992. From that year onwards, I have never eaten non veg on Thursdays. I consider  Thursday as best day to start new work, to wear new dress, even to the fact that I have decided my wedding day as Thursday  and timing came out to be 09:09 am.

    I start my work my writing Om Sri Sai Ram.

    When I take a new pen or pencil, 1st thing I write is Om Sri Sai Ram

    Pls baba, take me away!

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