Shirdi Sai Prayers From Anonymous Sai Devotee from India:

I need You Sai. Please come and save my trust life.
Om Sairam everyone. You may call me Yellowish.
Saiji I’m sorry for everything. Hey Babaji I need You the most. Hey mere Saiji I’m crying. You know my situation well. Sai my father and brother are going to see a boy and I know they will fix it. Babaji I could have married till the time but Saiji You know everything that I love Amit Saiyaa. Please Sai don’t let this alliance become important just cancel it. 

Saiji I’m tired You know. I am just fed up Babaji. It has already been two and half years Babaji. My mom says what your Sai did in your life? Saiji I don’t know how to complete this journey. Sai please help. Babaji this is not my life, this is Your journey, Your life. Hey Saiji I can’t listen when someone says your Sai is nothing. Sai I see so sad people around me who are Your devotees. Sai it has broken me. Babaji I am giving up. 
Sai please help me. Sai please help Reetu. Her parents are forcing her. Sai please make a way so that she can leave her house. Babaji please show her Your miracle Babaji. Only You know everything You can save us Babaji. I don’t want to marry anyone else. I want to marry only Amit. Baba please awaken him about this journey. Please my Saiyaa. 
Please bless me a job. Sai balance me and help me in everything. Saiji please give me confidence that this alliance will get cancelled and I will get job. Babaji please take care of the decision or step (whenever and whatever) that I will take. Saiji please help. Shri Sai Samarth. I need You Sai.

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Pooja Garg
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  1. Please please,can some Sai devotees find out where these girls live and offer them suitable jobs,especially Ritu.Ritu beta please take up a job and live your own independent life even if it is a small rented house.
    I have been thru similar situation which really breaks you as it is family who ill treats you For no reason…my mother wanted a boy very badly .See if an NGO. in your area or a nearby big city can help or advice in the right direction.
    I pray to our Baba Sai to bless you with a very good job and give the strength to leave that house.Remember that nobody has the right to hurt or. abuse you even if it ur immediate family.
    God bless you with success����

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