Shirdi Sai Prayers From Anonymous Sai Devotee from India:
Saiji I need You a lot. Saiji please reunite us soon.
I’m just a small devotee of Saiji. I seek Saiji’s blessings. Please Saiji listen to my prayers.
Om Sairam to every devotee. Hey Sai please forgive me for everything. I seek Your forgiveness Babaji. Hey my Babaji I am thankful to You for everything. Babaji my words are just nothing to express my feelings my gratitude. Saiji You saved my trust in Bhagvanji, You saved my life. Saiji You gave me the hope. Saiji I just know that You give hope with a reason. Babaji You know I am tired of waiting, praying and of fears. Sai I’m just dead. I am sorry I am talking like that. Hey Babaji You know everything. Sai I bow down to You in Your lotus feet Sai. Thank You that You kicked out that girl from between us. Saiji now please bring my Amit back soon. 

Hey Sai You know how much I am tensed with the force of marriage. Sai same I think, he too might be getting. Saiji I just want to give my mind peace and distract my mind from stupid negative thoughts and help me to pass my test and interview Saiji. Please bless me with a good secured job. I know You are with me. Sai I just want that please reunite me with Amit forever firstly and then soon everyone will be ready for marriage. Sai please make Amit’s mind to message me and take a stand for our love and marriage. Sai it will increase my confidence. Saiji give me positivity please. Om Sairam Shri Sai Samarth. Sai please bless help me. 
Babaji i am losing my confidence. Sai this journey has been so tough and filled up with trust in You. Now I don’t want to give up Babaji. I seek Your presence. Sai be with me. Sai I need You. Please come and save me. Saiji give me positive signs and love and make it possible soon. Babaji please don’t let him go anywhere with anyone else. Please make him mine with his heart, mind, body, money and everything. Om Sairam. Shri Sai Samarth. Sai I am waiting for You. Please remove my fever and negativity. Please save me and my family. Thank You Sai. 
Who so ever will come between us please show them a side Saiji. Babaji with Your grace I could stand. Now it’s in Your hand Babaji to save my trust and answer my prayers and love. Babaji I trust You and I am lucky Saiji to have You. Apka bhot bhot dhnayavad mere Sai( thank You so so much my Sai ). Thank you team and devotees. Please help Reetu Sai. Help me also.

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