Shirdi Sai Prayers From Anonymous Sai Devotee from India:

I have two prayers to Sai Baba. He Himself has told us that He will fulfil all our desires.
I want to pray Sai Baba for two things.

1) Please heal my mother who is suffering from Covid and protect and keep my family healthy.
2) Sai Baba it’s been 6 years, I am still waiting for the day when You will make everything perfect. I have lost my job, I have lost all the attempts of my dream of UPSC, I lost all my friends and Shivangi. Now I have completed my MBA ( with Your blessing). Please bless me now.

Sai Baba, I pray to You that please make my life sorted with dream job and good family life. I am eagerly waiting. After the end of May, my MBA will be over. Please bless me with a high paying good job. Please help me meet my soulmate. Please Baba atleast now hear my prayers. You only told me that You listen to everyone and You are alive and You take care of us through Your Samadhi. Please Sai Baba please complete me then I will come to Your door for thanking You.

Please Baba listen to me. It’s been long time. I am still waiting and now I am more dedicated to You. Om Sairam! Mann mein rakhna dhridh Vishwas kare samadhi puri aas, meri sharan aa khali jaye ho toh koi mujhe bataye, bhaar tumhara mujh par hoga, vachan na mera jhutha hoga! (Baba’s promises: have strong faith in Me that My Samadhi fulfils your desires. If there is anyone who went back empty handed then show Me. I will carry all your burden and promises will never be fake.)

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