Shirdi Sai Prayers From Anonymous Sai Devotee from India:

I am praying Baba for my marriage since many years. I request Baba to fulfil it.
Baba You know how I am suffering due to the delay in marriage. My parents are worried too. I never gave any headache to my parents till date but my marriage is a big headache to them. I have written multiple prayer requests as well. I don’t want to write again. Please Baba bless me. I am waiting for Your blessings. I feel like marriage is not written in my fate and I have completely lost hope on it. But at times when I think about it, I could not bear the pain. 

Please Baba I request You to postpone the karma which is causing the delay, to the future births and bless me with a good partner. I will not neglect or disagree, which ever the guy You show, I will marry him. No expectations, nothing! Please Baba shower Your blessings on me. I couldn’t sleep peacefully because of this even though I tried to sleep. I request all the devotees to pray for me for my marriage. Please pray for me. 
Shamaji, please tell Baba regarding this and make His mind to bless me. Please Baba I could not bear this. Please understand me Baba. Please understand my helplessness. Whenever, I think of my marriage tears roll down. Days are passing. All my younger ones are getting married but I am stuck Deva. Please help me Baba.

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