Shirdi Sai Prayers From Anonymous Sai Devotee from India:

Hi, I am from Assam. I am here to send prayers for my sisters and family.
I very recently started putting so many prayers and trust in Sai Baba, probably because He wanted me to be His devotee and help my family. Me and my family are going through a very difficult time Baba and no one knows it more than You. My sister is suffering so much but she has never wanted anything bad for anyone. 

I have lost my father in a very unfortunate event and now me, my brother and my mother and my sister are all. My sister is not well since such a long time and I can’t be at peace until she is back to safe, happy and strong life. My entire family’s happiness in dependent on each other’s well being and I’m sure dad will also be happy and be at peace only then. You know everything dear God, I am praying You to heal her and my family and bless us and the house in this difficult situation. Doctors are saying heartbreaking things but I believe that You will listen to us. Om Sai Om.

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