Baba, Please Get Me Married To Siddharth – Anonymous Sai Devotee

Shirdi Sai Prayers From Anonymous Sai Devotee from India:

Baba, Please get me married to Siddharth and give me a happy married life
Baba, I have been waiting since long for marriage, my only hope is You Baba. Everything I have in my life is Your blessing Baba. I have crossed the marriage age and it’s already very late. Everyone say that getting married at this age is very tough and try to accept the match you get. Baba, I trust You and believe that with You I can express my heart and ask for a match and You won’t count my age or anything else, You will only look at me has Your daughter and am only looking at You as my father and am asking You. 

Baba without expressing my heart in front of You I can’t live Baba. Baba only match I liked and my dad would like is Siddharth’s match. But few things went wrong without my intention. Baba, please change the things, please correct everything. Please send Siddharth and get me married to him. Please give me a happy married life and also my parents should be happy about it. After so much pain in all our lives, please bless us Baba. Please get me married. Please Baba. Baba I am sending this prayer request to Shirdi. Please accept and bless me.

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