Prayers To Cure My Baby From HIE (Brain Injuries) – Anonymous Sai Devotee

Shirdi Sai Prayers From Anonymous Sai Devotee from Malaysia:

I’m a Sai devotee and a member of Mahaparayan who is trying my best to heal my son by Baba’s grace.
My son Mahaarajhan (4. 5 months old) is diagnosed with HIE (Hypoxic-Ischemic Encephalopathy) due to lack of oxygen during delivery.
Based on previous EEG test, doctor said that his brain wave is slow and they are going to do another EEG test soon due to his abnormal movement sometimes (Could be Muscle spasms – Extensor Spasms).
He is also having increased tone in his limbs and abnormal reflex since birth (Arms and legs stiffness which can cause a walking, balancing problem in future) and one side of his body looks like weak a bit (Could be due to stroke). He can’t lift his right arm much and he is having ankle clonus (spasticity).
He already started to roll from back to tummy when he was 3 months old. But he prefers to roll right side only (doctor said having preference is not good) and he is not rolling much and no roll over yet. 

 My son can see and track objects but recently noticed that he is not making an eye contact if I hold him but he is looking at me when I put him down. I really worry that it could be autism sign. Besides, doctor said that my son is having astigmatism.
Doctor suspected that he had a stroke and some part of his brain is damaged and that’s why they want to see his current brain activity through EEG test soon and maybe will do MRI for the first time.

Baba, please ensure EEG and MRI result come out normal which means his current brain activity is normal and he is healing.
Please help to stop his muscle spasms, ankle clonus, ankle stiffness, spasticity and heal his increased tone problem to ensure that he walks properly in future.

 Please help to cure his eyesight problem and make him to look at me even when I carry him and please cure his astigmatism before his next appointment (on next year).

Baba, I beg to You to not let him suffer with Autism as I have no more strength to go through the pain. Please help me ensure that he achieves all his upcoming milestones on time and don’t let him have any abnormalities or disabilities physically or mentally.

Please help this innocent soul’s brain recover fully by rewiring it Baba.

I and my son surrender to You Baba.

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  1. Dont worry sister.Will Pray for your son and will keep him in my prayers.Baba wont let his devotee down.Keep strong faith on him definitely he will answer your prayers.🙏Om Sairam🙏

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