Shirdi Sai Prayers From Anonymous Sai Devotee from US:

I want to be an anonymous devotee from the US.
Hello everyone, hope you all are staying safe in these troubling times. I have a small story to share of a prayer I made earlier today to Baba. I am currently having a small fight with my father. Him and I left my aunt’s place at the same time in different cars. At one point, he turned left to go home, and I turned right to go back to my apartment in the neighbouring city. As I was driving down that road, I saw ambulances and fire trucks drive past me in the opposite direction. It really scared me and I immediately prayed to Baba to ask Him to make sure my father made it home safely. I may be mad at him in the moment but will always pray for him, and I trust Baba to keep him safe and happy and healthy. Please Baba, please help him control how much he drinks, we just want him to stay balanced and healthy. Thank You, Baba.

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