Baba Please Cure My Father’s Health Issues – Sai Devotee Gajalakshmi S

Shirdi Sai Prayers From Sai Devotee Gajalakshmi S from USA:

Om Sairam. I’m Lakshmi from US. I’m requesting for prayer to give good health and long life to my parents.

My sincere prayers and namaskaram to Sai Baba’s lotus feet. I always believe that Sai is with us and will protect all of His kids.

I recently joined the Mahaparayan group and thanks to this wonderful platform so that we are much closer to our Baba everyday by reading many experiences and prayers. 

Today I’m requesting prayers for my parent’s health. Although, I’m not nearby them but I always pray to Baba for them. For past few weeks my father is suffering from multiple health issues. He has trouble in breathing and both of his legs are swelled and has high blood pressure. Baba, please do some miracle and cure all his health issues. Please shower Your blessings towards my parents and give them healthy and long life.
I sincerely pray to Baba and my namaskarams to Baba’s lotus feet.

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