Shirdi Sai Prayers From Anonymous Sai Devotee from India:

Please pray to Baba so that Baba blesses me.
Hi my age is 25, and I need help and blessings from Baba, please pray for me people.
Baba, please help me Baba. You know I have lost my path. I do not know where to go. I need to earn money and become financially independent, but I am jobless since 3 years. You know I have no special skills, and I got lost when I entered into my college life and went into severe depression. Baba if You do not help me then my family will die. I have two loans to repay. How will I pay? You say my father never earned a single rupee in his whole life. He is forever idle and for this whole of my childhood I was in utter poverty. I have always compromised for everything. I never complained. I never went out and learnt to sacrifice so that my family doesn’t face any issue because of my needs.

 I made a mistake. I just wanted to follow my dream in my career. I persuaded engineering and realized that it is not made for me. I used to love someone. He also used me for money. I did everything to save my relationship Baba but I couldn’t. I am sorry. Baba I left, I don’t want to hurt anyone but I am heart broken out of fear, because of society and because of financial condition. I made a mistake. I just wanted to be happy for once but I know I can’t because I am not a deserving person. I am sorry that I became selfish, Baba if You do not help me then my family will die. Our only income is our house which is nearly Rs 8000 that also one rental is refusing to pay money. Baba our loans is covering more than 20000 rupees monthly. We will die Baba. We don’t even have enough money in our bank. Baba we will die, don’t do like this.
 I am asking Your help. Please Sai help us. I promise that if I start my income I will come and visit You in Shirdi with my own hard earned money and I will keep all my promises. I am learning and changing. Please Baba help us. Rasta dikhao Sai. I know You say faith and patience, I am tired Baba, Your daughter is suffering and crying each day. Please have some mercy, grace me Sai. Stop pushing into cage and punishing me. I keep myself at Your feet. I ask for apology. Baba I am loosing myself. Your child is suffering Sai. Your child is crying, and having pain.
Pooja Garg
Pooja Garg
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