Shirdi Sai Prayers From Anonymous Sai Devotee from India:

I came under Baba’s feet in 2014. He blessed me with my love and job.
Then due to circumstances I couldn’t do the poojas like before. He blessed me with a boy baby in 2019. Now he is 2 years. These two years were nightmare for me. The problem is he is not responding to our words and eye contact is poor. He developed head banging habit. Due to this I am very much depressed. I am running a preschool and raised many children. I am very scared now why Baba done this to me. 

Nobody can manage him except me, even his father gives some excuses to escape from taking care of him. I couldn’t write up what’s going on in my mind. All I want now is please make my child normal. I am scared of going out because everyone is seeing him differently. I am avoiding going out to escape those situations. Please do something Baba. I don’t have anyone except You. I didn’t even share this to my husband that I am scared this much. I am acting like everything is normal; others are giving some lame opinion. But I only know what I am going through. 
I can’t hear others blaming my child. Why You did this To me? At this age he should speak and sleep normally. Nothing is normal here. I didn’t get a proper sleep in these two years. Everyday is going like hell and I can’t concentrate on the school and other things now. Because of this now we are in huge debt. Don’t know what to do? Please make the situation better. 


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