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Shirdi Sai Prayers From Sai Devotee Neelima from India:

Hello, I am Neelima.
Baba, the entire situation You are already aware, what has happened and what is happening. We being human beings unable to guess result, but with only a ray of hope, we are playing our luck. Baba now it’s in Your hands, to save our house and save us from being shelter less. My father is no more and what exactly he had happened with him and what was the situation that he sold the house, and even not aware why few people have cheated him with this deal.

Please, please, please Baba, now You need to find the truth from Bank and where the money is transferred, who all are involved in this scam. We have given application in police and now after getting bank details, FIR will be launched against all of them who have cheated my father. Please help us, please dig out all information and truth. Punish all the fraud people. Please Baba, I totally surrender You and ask You to please save our house. My mother is now 73 years old, give justice to her.

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