Shirdi Sai Prayers From Anonymous Sai Devotee from USA:

I am Baba’s devotee since long and look at His feet for all big and small things.
Om Sairam! Today is Thursday, a very pious day. On this day, I beg You for blessing my son and husband.

Please Baba, bless my husband that he is cured of his asthma totally and bless him to get full time job in a good company. He is an honest and hardworking person but without Your blessing, this would not be possible. He is not finding any full time job because of his age. Only You can do a miracle and get him a good job, so that we all can stay in peace. Please, please Baba reduce our worries and tension because of this job issue.

Baba, bless my son to be kind headed, helpful, loving and respectful to everyone. Bless him that he does not give up on difficult things, keep fighting and take interest in variety of things. Baba please, please bless him that he gets admitted in a good school that we have been trying and longing since long. I have faith in You that You can do impossible. For You, accepting these pleas is like a waving the magic wand. His result is going to be out soon, I am very firm that You will hold his hand and walk with him inside this school. Om Sairam!

Baba I am Your daughter who is very tensed because of these things. Please reduce my worries and bless to resolve these issues so that happiness rolls inside my house.
Om Sairam kshama, daya, kripa! 

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