Baba Please Give Desired Child And Help Book Land – Anonymous Sai Devotee

Shirdi Sai Prayers From Anonymous Sai Devotee from India:

I am small devotee of Baba, everything in my life is my Baba’s mercy. Love You Sai Baba
Baba You know already how much time has been passed and since marriage what happened in between. All You know Sai as all things are arranged by You and without Your wish not even a leaf moves Baba. In my family all have been blessed by child. All are settled also in life Baba. But I am nowhere, even after struggling for these many years I am not where I should be Baba. Neither I am settled nor having baby or happy married life. How it feels to be always at low point in life, when nobody respect you except parents.

You know my deep desires. 

Baba, please bless me with desired, healthy child. Also please make me debt free soon and help me book new land to survive in case of financial crises. You very well know nobody will feed me if I sit at home. Kindly bless me with a permanent job to feed myself and family. A humble request to You Sai, to bless me as soon as possible. All where I see people enjoying living happily especially in my family all are settled and have happy marital life and kids. No worry for future and good health. Why am I left alone Sai? Why only I am suffering this partiality since birth Baba. T
his time I really tired but Sai no strength left in me as such. No matter how much hard I try I am where I started; always at low point in life. Request You Sadguru Baba to soon ward off my troubles and bless me in abundance as You have blessed all people in family. Please don’t be partial towards me, make me a good human being and more humble. Baba, anyway no one respects me; so being humble only since the start.

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