Shirdi Sai Prayers From Anonymous Sai Devotee from USA:

I am Baba’s ardent devotees through thick and thin
Om Sairam. Baba I am starting today 9 Sai vrat for my brother’s well being. He came out through Covid but now struggling with one or other post Covid issues. Baba he does not keep healthy. Baba, please bless him so that he gets over all medications and steroids, losses weight and regains his strength. Baba his business is also undergoing hard times. 

Baba You know that he runs a big family single-handedly, he needs to be healthy so that he can take care of himself and family. Baba we know Your miracles (You saved him through Covid that had hard hit him). Please bestow Your pious hand on him and make him healthy totally and also bless him that his business gets back on track. He is undergoing lots of pressure and stress. Marriage is also in the family which he has to take care of. Please, please, please Sai Ma bestow Your grace that he gets his good health back as much as his good old business.
Om Sairam! Kshama, Daya, Kripa

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