Shirdi Sai Prayers From Anonymous Sai Devotee from India:

I am praying Baba for my marriage since 7 years. But it is getting delayed.
Even after waiting for a long time my marriage is not happening. I have written multiple prayer requests here. This might be 4th or 5th request where my prayers are going.

Why are You not listening to me Baba? I am deeply hurt. Please Baba I kept hope on You. Please don’t wipe off those hopes, instead wipe my parents’ and my worries on marriage. Why are You delaying it so much? You help people who don’t even know who You are and get them to Your place. But I am praying here from more than 5 years. Why are You not listening Baba? When will my karma reduce and when will I get married? Is marriage written in my fate? Please tell me if it’s not written then I will never bother You. Please either bless me with a good partner or take me to You permanently.

I can’t bear this anymore. Please understand my pain and my parents’ agony. When will You open Your eyes and bless me Baba? I am waiting for Your blessings like anything. This is not fair for You Baba. I am Your child, You can’t do this to me. Baba, please make my marriage happen within this year.

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