Shirdi Sai Prayers From Anonymous Sai Devotee from Australia:
I am an ardent Sai devotee, living on His blessings. This prayer request is for my daughter’s well-being, husband’s focus and parents. Daughter’s well-being, husband’s focus, parents

Baba, my daughter has not met all her age milestones and does not eat well. Please bless her to improve in meeting all the milestones, speaking clearly and eating well.

Baba, my husband always focuses on his parents and sisters but makes me run house and pay all expenses for our living, food, daughter’s school, clothes etc. on me. Please make us as his priority. He never respects me or my parents. Please change this attitude and improve his behaviour towards my parents.

Baba, my old parents live alone in India. Please bring them here to live with me so that I can look after them in old age. Please make my husband understand that my parents need help and should be here with us. They have no support in India as I am the only child.

Baba, please help me excel in my job. I have got this job only with Your blessings, help me do well and grow.

Baba, help me buy a house here. My husband will buy house, property, jewellery, clothes, vehicles for his parents and sisters and their children in India, but does not think of buying for us. He also makes me pay rent and all the expenses. He pays his sister’s daughter’s school fees, but not his own. Baba, please make him see sense.

Baba, bless us. We are nothing without You.

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