Shirdi Sai Prayers From Anonymous Sai Devotee from India:

Jai Sai Ram to all. I am grateful to Sai Papa for all He has been doing for us.
My husband and I are in separation for more than a year now. I am his first wife with a little daughter who is 6 years old. He has another marriage and another daughter of similar age there as well. It was with great difficulty I came to terms with the fact that he had to get married again as his parents did not accept me. After facing all of this, in 2017, I came to know that my husband has an extra marital affair with a girl whom he loved from his school time. She is married to somebody else however was always obsessed about my husband for various reasons. My husband met me in college after she left him and he was in love with me ever since. He was on and off with me and her but finally decided to be with me. This angered her and she became very resentful about me but somehow she moved on and proposed to somebody else and got married in 2013 to her love who is now her husband. In the meanwhile, my husband happened to come across her contact details and he gradually convinced her to have an affair with him in 2017. I came to know about it in the same year itself. In 2018, I confronted my husband about it but he never agreed. I then decided to talk to her husband but he did not and still does not believe me.

I went and met her but she refused to accept the truth. Because of this there was a big fight between us that happened in June 2020 and my husband needed a reason to leave me and he left. Until then I somehow managed keeping the two away but after June 2020 he got back to her completely as he threw me out of his life and has been happy with his other wife staying with him and this 3rd woman. He got back to talk to me from Jan 2021 however it has been only when this 3rd woman isn’t able to talk to him when her husband (who stays in another city) comes to visit her. My husband then leaves me as this lady gets free.

Sai Papa, I am fed up of the pain we have been through. More than mine, I can’t see the kind of pain this little child has to go through at such a tender age because of 2 selfish people. He is atleast taking care of his 2nd wife and child because of the fear of his family and hers too and because he feels she is innocent. But in which way am I not innocent Papa? Please save us from this pain Papa. His family hasn’t accepted me yet and my family did not support my decision regards getting married to him.

Papa, You know everything, please save us and our family Papa. My only request to my brothers and sisters and all Sai Parents of my parent’s age is to pray that my husband realises what he has been doing to us so that he realises his mistake and becomes a normal human so that we can lead a happy family life together and he lets go off this 3rd lady forever from his mind, heart and soul. This lady is very clever and cunning because whenever she sees that my husband is getting close to his family, she immediately tells him that you should be with your family and I cannot do this to my husband too so you move on – this makes my husband go more crazy and throw us out by hurting us more and runs behind her, and she runs this entire thing as only a good friend of his. If she is really a good friend then why is she hiding regards their talking to each other from her husband? I do not know why he can’t see how clever and cunning she is Papa but all she does is acts very sweet and innocent in front of my husband and shows as if I am the villain because I tell her husband about it who anyways refuses to believe me. Papa, I cannot take this pain anymore. Papa, I am all alone in this world, holding the little fingers of our little daughter. I want to take care of my mother forever. Please pray for us my beloved Sai Devotees and Papa please bring his good self back to us so that we can lead a happy family life with him and our daughter and my mother and his parents together. Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram!

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