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Shirdi Sai Prayers From Anonymous Sai Devotee From India: I am from India, kindly keep me anonymous. Om Sairam!
Baba, please help me, servants are troubling me a lot. You know everything regarding this matter. Kindly help me with a good cook and good domestic help. It’s very difficult to manage everything, How much ever we help and treat them with compassion they cheat and misbehave with us.

Kindly remove the negative energy from our life, You know everything, I am losing my patience with all types of sufferings. You know Baba, how many suspicious things we are getting. Thanks to You as slowly one by one things are coming out, atleast we are able to understand what the problem actually is? But still we are not getting a solution for it. Baba, it’s only You Who can destroy the evil. I agree that You are asking me to bear it for some more duration but I am unable to tolerate. May be I lack faith and patience both. Kindly bless me with faith and patience. Om Sairam!

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  1. Om sai ram.. My Husband, Me and my brother facing a lot of financial problems sai nath.. You know everything about our situation.. We are going through huge no of financial debts.. Your my big brother.. If me, my husband and my brother has committed any kind of sin. Knowingly or unknowingly please forgive as a child.. Please help us to get out from this situation. Iam not even getting a loan sai nath to help my husband and brother please sai nath please help us to get out from this situation… It’s more than a year were are going through this.. Nobody try to help us.. We have got lots of hatred when ever we ask for money.. Please saibaba, sai nath, shiridiwasi, my elder brother please save us… Om sai nath maharaj ki jai!!

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