Sai Please Bless My Mom, Brother and Cousin- Anonymous Sai Devotee

Shirdi Sai Prayers From Anonymous Sai Devotee From India:

Baba is my only hope for all worries and troubles in life

Baba, today is Thursday, most pious day, I am begging and crying right now at Your lotus feet to help my brother settle and get married and my mom be less worried and tense. Sai Ma You know what all is going on in my family. They want to take all the property, jewellery and want them to leave the house. They have no support and there is no one to stand by them. My brother has health issues because of which he cannot read or understand written documents and mom is a simple housewife, she doesn’t understand much of legal stuff. They have always been mistreated and abused in the house. Please Baba either make these people change their mind so that they can help get my brother settled and married or break their arrogance so that they accept my mom and brother who have always been nice to them despite their atrocities. My mom too has all the health issues. They need someone who can protect and save them from these bad people around them. So Sai, I can only depend on You to help my brother settle in any type of job he can do and get him married. You can do the impossible. Sai Ma, please, please, please.

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  1. Om Sai Ram hey Baba please bless my mom and save her life . She needs you now.You are the only one who can save her .Please baba like you always helped us now show your miracle baba.
    Sat sat naman on your holy feet baba 🙏

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