Prayer For Healing Tumor, Cyst, Endocrine And Stroke- Sai Devotee Vanidha Singh

Prayer For Healing Tumor, Cyst, Endocrine And Stroke- Sai Devotee Vanidha Singh

Shirdi Sai Prayers From Sai Devotee Vanidha Singh From South Africa: Aum Sai Ram.

In April 2021, my eldest son was diagnosed with an 8 cm craniopharyngioma tumor. Although benign, it has resulted in several complications in his health. Arav had a ten hour surgery where only part of the tumour was removed. He subsequently suffered a stroke, leaving him as a left hemiplegic. He has completely lost vision in his right eye and has almost no function from his pituitary gland as the tumour was wrapped around this gland and his optic nerves and chiasm. He has had 30 rounds of radiation, which we are hoping will shrink the tumour and cyst that currently remains.
Arav is currently involved in intensive physio, speech and occupational therapy and will start school in January 2021. Here is a picture of him below.

I am writing this letter to You Swami as a dear friend of mine. Darshan came to me in a dream and asked me to write this letter. He spoke of his vitiligo and how writing to You and asking for Your help had cured him.

Swami Sathya Sai Baba, I am in no way qualified to ask You for anything as I am a flawed human being and You are our God-head, our spiritual guide and Guru. I would like to humbly ask if You can help my son through his healing process by manifesting Your healing powers within him.
Please help the radiation process in shrinking and diminishing the remaining tumour and cyst so that it takes pressure off his optic system and preserves and progresses his vision.
Please help improve his endocrine function so that it stabilizes and does not pose a challenge with regards to his quality of life. He is currently on medication for Cortisol and Thyroid hormone replacement and will start a growth hormone in a few months. We are especially concerned that he will develop diabetes Insipidus; a disease that is extremely taxing on the body, especially in a young child.

Please help him recover damage caused from his stroke; he cannot use his fingers and walk without an orthotic currently. Please help him Swami to regain these functions so that he may be able to feel independent again. He is also struggling with his executive functioning, memory, repetition, planning and organizing.

Please help him thrive in school and through all other tasks and activities he embarks on. He is extremely depressed about his health situation and lacks confidence and motivation. Please help him integrate into the school, be safe everyday and thrive academically, as well as health-wise.

My dearest Swami, I understand that this is a complicated situation. It is also fairly new to us so we do not have sight of the future and what it holds for our son. All I know is that my Swami will hear my prayer and request and give me an audience. Please help our child recover Swami – Your healing miracles are unfailing.

I am currently busy with a 9 week Sai Vrat prayer in the hope that it helps our Arav to heal. Please show me a sign; let me know what You need from me and my family and we will do it with honour. We want to please You Swami and show You that we are indebted to You for his recovery this far as well.
Please help our son dearest Swami Sathya Sai Baba. Please help us navigate his path to healing with You as our guide and leader. Please also help us learn about his condition and do our very best as his parents. I will leave this request at Your beautiful lotus feet Bhagwan in the hope that You hear my prayer and help our son who loves You so dearly.
Aum Sai Ram
Aum Shri Sai Ram
Aum Jai-Jai Sai Ram
Aum Sadhguru Sai Ram

With love from Vanidha and Arav Singh.

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