Prayer For Father And Forgiveness- Anonymous Sai Devotee

Shirdi Sai Prayers From Anonymous Sai Devotee From India: I am 24 years old. Baba, please cure my father and relieve me of my sins.

He has been going through a lot in this life. It’s been 2 years that he’s been suffering in all fields of his life. It affects me a lot to see him like this. I don’t see any future in my life nor do I see myself being happy again. I just feel as if this is impending doom and no one can save me from this. My anxiety is getting stronger by each day. I find myself very upset and scared. I don’t have anyone in my family to help us either. I feel lonely and tired. I just want to lead a normal life and be happy. Baba, I have lost so much in the past year. I am unable to see anything ahead of me. All I see is darkness and how I cannot control anything that’s happening to me. I have lost everything that made me happy and satisfied. I don’t want to be materialistic but want to live a normal life.

My partner is unable to find a job and thus we cannot even get married. I somehow cannot find any way out of this and I cannot keep doing this. Baba, give me a sign. Come to me and tell me everything will be okay and You will take care of my dad and he will be fine. He’s everything to me, Baba. I am his only child. If he leaves I will never forgive anyone and I will never be happy again. Let me get settled and have my own family. I just don’t want to face any of this anymore. I am tired. Please help me, Baba.

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