Sai Baba Please Cure My Cousin’s Cancer - Anonymous Sai Devotee

Shirdi Sai Prayers From Anonymous Sai Devotee From USA: I am Baba’s devotee and believe in His miracles.

Baba, today is Thursday, most pious day. I beg at Your lotus feet to turn the tables in favour of my cousin. I know Your power. You can do miracles and make impossible as easily possible. Please, please save my cousin, Baba. I got to know that his oral cancer has spread to other parts of his body in just few months. He is in hospital. Please, please do Your miracle touch and reverse his cancer or make his reports to be incorrect but he is in lots of discomfort. He is very young with a daughter and a wife. We all are looking up to You. I gave him Your holy water too. Please do Your magic of healing him completely. I believe in You, Your holy water and Your miraculous touch. I am very confident that such faith in Your power will help him fight his ailments and make him better soon. Please Sai devotees pray for his quick recovery and good healing. Sai Shama, Daya, Kripa!

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