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Shirdi Sai Prayers From Anonymous Sai Devotee From USA: I want to remain anonymous. Pranam at the lotus feet of Sai Nath, my Baba! This prayer is for my daughter who has applied to medical schools this year. I have submitted a series of experiences here on this website about how Baba has helped my daughter with her MCAT (entrance test) writing her application essay and arranging recommendations from her professors. But she didn’t receive a single interview from all the medical schools to which she had applied. From this point, we are at a loss for where to go and what to do. She is a brilliant student but could not do well in her undergrad and went through a lot of anxiety and depression. All her friends have already completed two years of medical school education but my daughter despite being a brilliant student is still struggling. She was working in a good lab by Baba’s grace only. Now she wants to leave this lab and wants to join a different lab. Since her GPA is poor, she also wants to take some graduate-level classes but we don’t know which one is good for her. All the one-year programs are very expensive. This will also delay her application to medical schools when she applies next year. Since she is a girl, I am worried about her age and all for marriage and a suitable life partner. Baba, I am very worried.

I have firm faith that Baba will not leave us in the middle and He will definitely shower His grace and fulfill my daughter’s dream of joining a good medical school. Baba, please help!
I will share with all the students aspiring for medical schools Baba’s divine Leela once my daughter gets an interview and gets accepted. At this point, it seems impossible but nothing is impossible for our Baba Maa.

Love You a lot, Baba. Jai Sai Ram.

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