Prayer Request For Father’s Health- Anonymous Sai Devotee

Prayer Request For Father’s Health- Anonymous Sai Devotee
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Shirdi Sai Prayers From Anonymous Sai Devotee From India: Plea to help my father

I am an IT professional. 

My father has been in a rehab center since Jan 2022. He was first admitted to ICU for sepsis for 27 days. He was administered a PEG tube since he had also developed aspiration pneumonitis. It’s been 10 months now. He is still in rehab but he has shown remarkable progress by Sai’s grace. Now he is able to eat meals 3 times a day when he was not allowed to even drink a drop of water orally from Jan till about June. Thanks, Sai. 

Now, he has some bladder-related issues. He is not able to pass urine freely. The Doctor has ordered some difficult and painful urology tests. I am worried, Sai. Please bless him that he shouldn’t experience any pain during the tests. He is old. He has suffered a lot. Make the test painless. Please bless him that the test results reveal that no surgery is needed. Please, Sai. 

The third prayer to You Sai is when we can discharge him. Amma is too tired and weak to take care of him. Can we trust caretakers? Please help us, Sai. Show us a way going forward. Atulya or Primus or Sukino. Om Sai. 

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