Prayers will be taken to Shirdi on January 14, 2009 – An Update

We all know Sai Deva of Shirdi is everywhere. Sai Devotees, Sai Temples are situated across the globe. Thus the glory of Baba has reached to almost every corner of this world. When such glory feel into ears of many other non devoted persons, they were naturally attracted towards Baba. As a result many of us are experiencing that Divine grace. Till date we have read many experiences of devotees from every part of the world on this blog and other resources too and still there are numerous to come.

Whenever name of Sai Baba is heard, the very next second name of ‘Shirdi’ strikes in our mind. At few places in India (and probably in abroad too) replicas of Shirdi Samadhi Mandir have been constructed, but still Shirdi holds unique importance in our hearts. Even if we pray Baba at our homes, regularly go to Sai Temples, still when it comes to going to Shirdi, a strange excitement is felt in every cell of our body. But are we able to figure out why this happens? The answer is simple and plain. Baba’s breath is present in Shirdi’s air, its soil was lucky to kiss the feet of Baba, many places and articles consecrated by Baba’s Holy Hands are present in Shirdi, inner joy is felt while visiting other places which possesses remembrances of Baba. Today Baba rest in Samadhi Mandir. To put the matter in a nutshell, Baba is present in Shirdi even today and is forever.

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Let me narrate my own experience in this context. There are various pictures of Baba in my study room where I spend the whole day and from where the blog is maintained. Every work is done in front of Baba. Writing stories of Baba, singing His glory gives me indescribable happiness. Sometimes while reading few stories or translating them, I forget my presence and my mind roams in lanes of Shirdi. The memories of Shirdi can never fade. They are evergreen. It is a kind of Sadhana, but still the endless and everflowing urge to go to Shirdi is always present.

When Baba was in bodily form, many devotees went to Shirdi and fulfilled their wishes. Presently we go to Shirdi and present our pleas and wishes before Him in front of Samadhi. The situations, earlier and now, are same. Before Baba’s Mahasamadhi, devotees met Baba in person and now when Baba’s sacred tomb rests in Samadhi Mandir we go there and met Him. Thus now also going to Shirdi is equivalent to meeting Baba in person. Then why the necessity of going to Shirdi should not be felt again and again? It will not be wrong to say that we go to Shirdi to meet Baba in person.

Before two days a post regarding acceptance of prayers to be taken to Shirdi was circulated in groups and have been receiving many prayers since then and still going on. This post is just an update to inform to all that along with my cousin that Divine Call from Shirdi was for me too. So I request Sai Devotee readers to send their prayer mails till January 13, 2009 as I will have to club all the prayer mails together and take their print outs beforehand and avoid last minute rush. I apologise to inform you all at such a short notice. But all is Baba’s wish and will.

It would be highly appreciated if the followings points are considered while sending prayers which in turn will help me to serve you better.

1. Please include ‘Prayers to Sai Baba’ words in the subject line and reference (i.e. my blog, group mails or any other source) through which they came to know, so that it will be easy for me to trace.

2. Please do not send prayers as attachment as the confidentiality of prayers will be maintained even if they are sent in inline text.

3. I am receiving ‘repeated’ prayers from few devotees on daily basis. I would request those devotees not to send ‘repeated’ prayers. Prayers once received will be sent to Shirdi as soon as possible. Sending ‘repeated’ prayers confuses me which ones to include in final prayer bunch since they are not read by me. For repeating your prayers and also to pray for others, a special page is created on this blog and devotees/readers can follow the link to navigate to that page.

4. Prayers can be sent on this mail id.

5. After sending prayers you will get immediate acknowledgement of receipt of prayers from my side only. Acknowledgement for prayers reaching Shirdi will be posted specifically.

Sai brother Satish is also going to Shirdi in the last week of this month. This has been informed earlier, but repeated here for new visitors. Follow the link to navigate on special write up regarding Sai Brother Satish’s Shirdi trip plan and other details in same context.

© Shirdi Sai Baba Life Teachings and Stories

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  1. Thank you Hetal Ji for this update I have not been in touch with internet (rather I should say Baba) in past few days I was wondering if I could send my prayer to Baba and lo luckily just a day before you will be taking I by chance came across this post.This itself shows his presence
    He himself said he pulls his men towards himself.Even though we forget but he does remembers us.Thanks baba for letting me know.

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