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Shirdi Sai Baba Prayers from Anonymous Devotee from Malaysia: I am a devotee of Sai Baba. Recently i had a fibroid operation and due to that my uterus had to be removed. Well, i have to accept the fact. I have a idol of Sai Baba in my Pooja room about 2 feet. Every Thursday, i do Abhishekam for Him. For past 1 month, i did not do the Abhishekam due to my operation. But my sister does it when I did not do.

Today morning, I did the Abhishekam as always and i have another small idol beside Him. While i was decorating Him, the small Idol fell and the head got broke. I am feeling so bad and worried. If due to this it will be bad luck and affected my family members. Is it a bad luck or something bound to happen? Please tell me what should I do. I am so worried, My sister saying He has saved and protected us by having Himself broken. I am still so worried. Kindly pray for the well being of our family.

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  1. Dear sai devotee,
    I myself broke a saibaba idol in my home on a Thursday while doing abishekam to him.. At first I felt very bad but later on that day baba made me read a story where same such instant was mentioned.. It's baba way of taking your pain on to himself.. He takes your suffering just to ensure your wellness.. Do not worry.. He is always with you.. If your not convinced yet, please read the following story.. May baba always bless you.

  2. Oam Sri Sairam , Baba bears any evil things that might affect our family since we completely surrender to him my Sincere prayers to Sai for you and your family
    Oam Sai Oam Sai Oam Sai πŸ™πŸŒΊπŸ™πŸŒΊπŸ™πŸŒΊ

  3. Dear Sister,

    Dont worry Sai baba is there only to bless us. Please continue to have faith in him. He will never give you troubles nor indicate any problems in this way. He will convey the issues/problems through different means ( dreams, best friend, husband, perants, near and dear) but he will never stress you indicating just the problem. He will ensure there will also be a solution. Dont worry about that.

    Its his miracle to enhance your faith in him. May be you are seeing sai baba still materialistically. Actually Sai Baba is omnipresent and he is there even inside you. May be he wants you to realise his Niraakar swaroop.

    May you faith on Baba constantly be on rise.

    Jai sai ram!!

  4. Dear Sister ,

    Sai Ram. Don't feel bad. Baba has taken your problems on him so that you are saved from calamities. Please dont take tension. These were your problems which got broken in the form of Baba's idol.

    Please don't get tensed.

    Sai Sister,

  5. Thanks alot. I had lot of problems but i have faith in baba. But yesterday i scold him very severely and telling that i won't pray u and u r cheating me like that but yesterday evening by 9pm baba idol broke unexpectedly so i worried alot. I want baba to me i miss everything in my life but i don't want to miss my sai…i feel so bad from that moment. But i feel relax that baba tooks over my prayer and carries my pain.

  6. I have a baba idol on my study table which is next to the window. This morning when I opened the curtain, the baba idol fell down and the head broke.
    I hadn't done any pooja or even kept flowers for quite some time πŸ™ Is something bad going to happen? I'm so worried…

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