Request To Shape My Career – Anonymous Sai Devotee

Shirdi Sai Prayers From Anonymous Sai Devotee from India: Baba yesterday my brother was suffering from severe headache. By seeing his unbearable pain I remembered You and prayed for Your grace. Thank You Baba for clearing his pain and now he is fine.

I request You to help me to shape my career. Please help me Baba.Today I saw a baby suffering from skin burns in news channel. I couldn’t not see the baby crying with pain and his parent’s agony. Please cure the baby and shower Your blessings on Mithun. I request Baba devotees to pray for the baby. Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram. Thank You. Thanks for the team working for this blog.

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