Sainath Please Help Me In Getting My Love Back – Sai Devotee Anushree

Shirdi Sai Prayers From Sai Devotee Anushree from India: Sainath I love a boy from 13 years, he also loved me lot. But my father was not ready for our marriage. After few days he start behaving very strangely, started using abusive language, may be he was in some affair. We live in different cities. We don’t even communicate; he does not pick the phone and even does not meet. Some mistake was done by me but I had said sorry for that. But my love is real for him. I don’t want to lose him. Please Sainath help me in getting love back.

I am devotee of Sai from childhood. He has helped me many times. One day I was in need of tuitions to earn money so that I could continue to study. I asked from him and He gave me tuitions but now I am going through a tough situation. But I have full faith on Him. He will surely give my love back. Please Sainath show me right path.

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