Shirdi Sai Prayers From Anonymous Sai Devotee from India: Hetalji, Sorry to send this, but I have exhausted all my options and looks like Baba has too. Please let this letter reach Baba somehow.


This will be my last prayer to You. You know my daughter and I have stayed in a different state from my husband for her studies and now she did not get admission into any college nearby. Out of all the colleges only 1 college which is 5000 miles away from me and my husband. Why Baba? What did she do wrong to You. She has studied hard, never spent time having fun with her friends. She has done so well in her studies and for this You punish her.

Baba, I am the bad person. I have committed many sins, punish me but not her. There is one final college coming out tomorrow and I leave it You Baba to work Your miracle. If it does not work Baba, sorry I am also going to leave You, I know I shouldn’t bargain but I am desperate. I have sacrificed everything I had for You and now only my life is left for You.

I have been dumped by You and so has my daughter. I know You can change the decision for tomorrow. If You consider my as Your child please work Your miracle.

Om Sai Ram

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