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Shirdi Sai Prayers From Anonymous Sai Devotee from India: I am small devotee of Sai Ma for past 5 years, I am basically from India and thanks for the entire team for creating a common platform. I had many miracles in my life and had shared several of them also. Baba as You know my daughter is facing many difficulties in life. Main problem is that she does not like to go to school. I am praying for past 5 months that things should get alright. But nothing positive is happening.

I am still waiting with patience that Baba will surely answer my prayer and help my daughter to be a happy child again and make her study well. Sairam she is also true devotee of You but now she is losing hopes that nothing good is happening in her life. Baba always keep her under the thread of You. Make something good to happen in her life so that she will start having more love on You. Thanks Baba for giving me a job offer which I waited for almost 5 months, but since I have problem with my daughter I am unable to join the company. Please help me to join the company by 18th of September as I have already extended my joining because of the problems I am facing. Sorry for posting my experiences so late. Baba as You know I have completely lost peace of mind and I am scared if I will be able to concentrate and do my job. Please help me get good name after I join the job and protect my family. I am waiting positively to get my daughter’s problem to be resolved at the earliest. Om Sai Ram.

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