Shirdi Sai Prayers From Anonymous Sai Devotee from India: I am based in Bangalore with my father, wife and two children. I have been in marketing field for over 2 decades. Due to some frustration and ego I quit my job without having a job in hand last year. Since I realised my mistake and repenting even today, I tried picking up another job, but didn’t get any. Presently I am teaching at a college.

It has been over a year, since I made one major mistake of my life and I am still suffering. I have realised how grave was the mistake and have promised Baba that I will never repeat. The mistake happened in my arrogance, high headedness and tempered ego. I quit my well settled job. Still after a year I am not yet settled back. I have gone through lot of hardship. My wife has been very supportive during this time. I plead to You Baba, please help me, hold my hand and settle me in my present freelancing profession of teaching with more assignment or get me a full time job. Please help me. You have always been with me since I was a child. Why this time You are testing me so much? I need You with me. I am trying to change myself and I promise I will be changing every day. I am learning to control my anger, ego, pride and arrogance. I have been successful to some extent, but will keep striving for more. Please help me in settling down in my professional life. Sai Ram!

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