Shirdi Sai Prayers From Anonymous Sai Devotee from India: A girl with a dream of serving people as a doctor. Om Sairam. I am a medical student studying abroad. This is my final year of MBBS course. From the beginning of my college life I have gone through so much of trouble and almost always stayed alone. Then in my second year I got sick and that’s when Baba came into my life. After that in my third year ending everything changed and I was very happy and started studying so hard. I spoke with everyone in the class. I got new friends and was so happy and joyful. All of a sudden in my final year there was a misunderstanding between me and my friends. Everything was dark then. I stopped talking to everyone. I have a fear to approach people just in case if the same could happen again. I am so lost. I literally feel so alone. I started hating life. I can’t concentrate on my studies. Seeing the group of people happy and laughing without me makes me feel so alone and depressive. The girl who is responsible for all this is peacefully preparing for the exams and I am sitting here totally hurt and lost. I want to study well and achieve my dreams. My parents are trying hard to make me feel good and keep me going. But I still feel so alone here as my parents are in India. Sai Please help me get out of this nightmare. I want a life that is full of joy and peace.

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Pooja Garg
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  1. Dear Devotee. Please don't worry about your friends; yes i know it hurts a lot but you owe it to yourself and your parents to study well and get your degree. I have also lost most of my friends due to misunderstandings etc, and now I am almost alone. But I have Baba with me. I talk to him as a friend, as an advisor and as God. Please have faith in yourself and study hard to complete your degree. Om sai Ram

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