Shirdi Sai Prayers From Sai Devotee Bhagya from USA: I am Bhagya curently living in USA with husband and 2 kids. My son is 5. 5 years old and he is diagnosed with Autism. I was in depression for 1 year and by Baba’s grace I am out of it. Still my son is not showing any progress. Doctors said that there is not treatment for this. Kids with autism have immense speech, socializing and other behavioural issues. I need prayers for my son’s recovery. There are few cases where the kids have recovered fully and leading normal kid’s happy life. I beg Baba to bless my son. Bless my son a new life; bless my son light. Kindly I beg each and every one to keep him in prayers. Since his diagnosis we have lost peace of mind and always the fear of dark future of him haunts me. Sai Is The Only Hope. He Is The Only Shelter. Om Sairam.

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