Please Arrange Money For My Marriage Sai – Sai Devotee Neha

Shirdi Sai Prayers From Sai Devotee Neha from India: I bow down to Your lotus feet Sai. Please forgive me for my bad karmas. Please remove them Sai please. My marriage is within one month but we don’t have money for anything. A person helped us with some amount but he is asking back his money. Nobody is there to help. Even we don’t have anything that we can sell or get money. My brother is also not helping us. Please help us find the way. He is only thinking about his future. My dad has spent whole life investment upon him so that he could help us but he has done by giving little bit contribution. Sai for this day my parents were helping others in their bad good times. Sai my parents never thought even once while spending money on someone in need but today not a single person is helping. Baba we have only You Baba. You made us together but now it’s about my parent’s dignity. How will my dad give gold, clothes, households things to me. Baba I beg You. Please come in some form and help us. Please I don’t want that my mom should sell her single gold chain that she has. Please don’t show this bad phase in life. Baba please help us please. Om Sairam.

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Pooja Garg
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  1. May Baba bless you with abundance of wealth for your wedding. Baba has his unique ways of giving money. Baba, please help this young girl and her family and let the wedding go smoothly

  2. We are also facing the same issues for my sister marriage what u r phasing through.i can understand the also expecting a dawn in our life with Sai grace..hope u got married now with Sai grace.

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