Shirdi Sai Prayers From Anonymous Sai Devotee from Seychelles: I’m a poor soul who looking for Baba’s blessings. Om Sairam I’m in unbearable pain. Please bless me. Punish me in my next life. Please Sairam forgive Your kid Sairam. I don’t know what I did in my past. My girl is going away from me. Help me Sairam. I seeing Your presence through her. Don’t punish with this. I’m in pain. Forgive me.

Sairam forgive me for my sins. Sairam Bless me to marry her. Sairam please don’t break this bond. Sairam punish me for all my life but just give me only one chance to be with her. Sairam she is leaving for her home. Sairam I’m scared of losing her. Sairam forgive me if I done any mistakes. Sairam bless me and Your kid and my girl as well.

Om Sairam without You I won’t survive in this world. Sairam my kid, my girl means a lot in my life. Every time I feel Your presence in her. Please Sairam I don’t know how I can bear the pain. Bless me to take care like a kid till my last breath. Punish me for rest of the life. I won’t ask for mercy but just give me these 30 years to live. Sairam I’m mentally very depressed because of my career and love. Help me Sairam. I don’t have any one in this world. Sairam my parents scold her very badly. I had seen her like my kid. It pains me a lot. Please stop this struggle for both of Your kids. Sairam.

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