Shirdi Sai Prayers From Anonymous Sai Devotee from New Zealand:
New Zealand

Om Sai Ram devotes. I am a devotee of Baba from New Zealand. After reading the devotees’ experiences its gives immense strength and pleasure of having Baba in our life. Thanks Baba for blessing each and everyone and showing us the right path.

Baba today my mom called and told me that the owner of the house where we rent asked us to move from the house after 3-4months as he had to do some renovations. We are facing financial problems Baba and my dad recently shifted his business to another store and I left my job recently due to health reasons. So there are lot of things happening in our day to day life. Baba help us give us strength to face the obstacles. I know whatever is happening is Your blessings Baba. I know You are going to give something better in our lives. But I really feel bad that I am unable to help my father at this point of time. My sister and me are also having financial problem Baba. I have complete trust and faith in You. Whatever is happening is due to our past karmas. Baba I hold You tight, please give us strength and courage to face these situations. I can’t see my dad in this situation. My parents are getting old. Please bless me with a good job so that I can be financially stable to help my dad and run our home as well. Bless my husband and brother-in-law with good pay permanent jobs. They are very kind hearted people. Baba I know You are testing our patience. I have strong faith in You that You will be by our side through thick and thins. Om Sai Ram.

Coming to my second experience, everyday in the morning when I go for a walk I see an old lady(80 years) with a dog who greets and blesses each and every person passing by her. Today when I went for walking I saw this old lady and wished her good morning and her dog suddenly came onto me and I got scared. The lady told me that he was a good dog and he would not hurt anyone and our conversation started. I was really feeling blessed as I felt she was Sai Baba Who came along with the dog. I was feeling so happy chatting with her. She was talking about job, her life how her husband passed away and how she started believing in God. I really got emotionally attached the way she approached me. I was feeling so happy and before she left I thanked her for accompanying me. Om Sai Ram.

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