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Shirdi Sai Prayers From Sai Devotee Dimple from India:

My Deva Sai, bow to my Sai, please I beg You to please, please cure the pain in my whole body especially in spine and leg and joint pain. Also my legs especially the left leg gets restored to its original shape( it has become bend like a C shaped when I walk many people assume me to be suffering from polio). Oh Sai Deva I am suffering from this pain from last 22 years from this problem and how much more to suffer.

Many have said that it is black magic and that I would have stepped on something on road and hence the suffering. I do not even have friends as I end up fighting or quarreling most of the time. I think the black energy does not want me to interact with anybody. I am 33 years old unmarried completed Oct 2008 but till date did not have a proper job since Oct I have changed 15 jobs. In some jobs as less as 5 days and some people did not give me salary; not even one day salary though I got terminated within 1 month. In 11 years changing 15 jobs is no joke. Out of these 15 jobs only 2 jobs I stayed for about 1 year and in 2 jobs stayed for 6 months and rest all terminated me immediately in a month. Had plans to do M.Sc. but completed T.Y.B.Sc. in the 4th attempt. Oh Sai Deva please cure me from this suffering for once and all. I got this problem when I was 10 years old, it is so painful and I feel like ending my life. I pray for everybody for people I don’t even know, on road for beggars, street children, birds, animals saying oh Sai Deva if not mine atleast cure them or lessen their pain. When I see them in pain I think about my pain and pray for them that atleast You will hear my prayers for others if not for myself wishing that someone might also pray for me as I prayed for others.

From January I am at home as got terminated from this job because I limp while walking and it does not look good. Some boss said that if they knew before about my problem then they would not have given me the job. Oh Sai Deva and all Punya Sai devotes please pray for me that I start walking properly and I get my original self and intelligence back. 1)Please pray that I get a high paying salary job nearby my home and I get permanently fixed job especially government job. 2)Please pray that my leg becomes alright and I start walking properly and uprightly. 3)Please free my mind of unwanted cluster and thoughts and all negative things. 4) Please bless me so that I can resume my Masters and PG Degree. Bow to Shree Sai and peace be to all. Regards, Dimple

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