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I am from USA. Please don’t disclose my email. Thank you! Om Sairam.
Hi Hetalji thanks a ton for taking our prayers to Shirdi on our behalf. Truly you are a blessed soul. Even though I have been praying Sai Baba from past 20 years I never have much faith or belief in Baba but became close to Baba since last month. I thereby came across this site and started reading the experiences of Sai Devotees which increased my faith towards Sai. Here is the problem for which I am suffering since 10 years and I am sharing the same below.

I was married with Baba grace 10 years back and With the blessings of Sai I have two kids. Since day 1 of marriage my in-laws and sister in-law have problems with me and my family. Sometimes I prefer to die rather than continuing the relationship. I cannot leave my kids. Baba, please help me in convincing my husband. He never listens nor loves me and at the same time he can’t take any decisions by himself. My in-laws and sister in-law has to know everything what we do. My in-laws think I am trying to pull their son from their lives. Why would I do Baba? They don’t want me to know anything about their life or financials. They think daughter-in-law should not know all these things. You know Baba what I have been asking for and You know my situation as well. Since 10 years I have been crying and how long I have to wait Baba. Please pardon me Baba for the mistakes I have done with my in-laws. I haven’t done intentionally it’s because of their actions I lost my patience. Don’t be angry on me. Please forgive me Baba. Baba please pull me to the Shirdi, I want to see You Baba. Please Baba fulfil my wishes. Sometimes I get angry on You but after sometime I feel like without You how I can lead my life. You are the only saviour for me. Baba I am tired of crying. Please bless me Baba. Om Sairam.

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