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Shirdi Sai Prayers From Anonymous Sai Devotee from India: Hello Sai Bhaktji
I want to send my prayer to Baba. Baba please give my parents the blessings of long life, good health and a happy life.
Some years ago my mom had cancer but by God’s grace she underwent through a surgery and got perfectly fine. I am thankful to God for that.
But now some people give some negativity to me, mom and my family about her health. I think this sometimes makes my mom also negative. This is very hurting.
I lost my brother in 2007, now I am the only daughter of my parents.
I want Baba to please give my parents the blessing of long life, good health and happy life and positivity also.
Sai Bhaktji, I don’t know who are you, but I am extremely thankful to you that you are helping the mankind. Thank you so much.
Please keep my name anonymous.

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