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Shirdi Sai Prayers From Anonymous Sai Devotee from India: Baba please help and bless me for continuing my marriage life successfully.
Baba please help and bless my sister and give her the enough strength for continuing her married life and strength to face the challenges successfully.

Baba. please help in solving the problems. I want to be kept anonymous this time. Baba, I have written lot of time on this site and I get good suggestions/advice from all the devotees from this site. My sister got married last year in April and it’s already one year. She is not able to adjust with her in-laws. She used to complain to me like this and that. Once I asked her to join the Ravishanker Art of living course. After that she got relaxed but her BP was high. Her in-laws are telling that she is thinking something for which her BP is not reducing. I took her to doctor and doctor prescribed some 3 medicines after which her BP was normal then.

 One thing which I found and told her, is that she is not accepting her fault and her in-laws complain that also. Previously, she used to panic for small things and all. Even I asked her to forget her ego and never compare her life with others. I explained her but sometimes I feel like she is going into argument mode and tries to hide her faults which I told her is not good. Asked her to read Satcharitra but even that also she is not doing. She is only listening and seeing the motivational and positive videos or messages which I sent her. Sometimes I get tensed, don’t know how to explain her. Even mentioned her about Baba’s Shraddha and Saburi too. I sent her to Ravi Shankerji’s Art of Living course and after that I felt she is improved a bit. Please help and bless and give her enough strength to my sister to face her life challenges and lead a successful married life.

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